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About Us

Our Company
ESL Certified, was created by ESL teachers for ESL teachers. We understand the importance of teaching English properly in a foreign country. That is why we offer our students the most superb resources when it comes to teaching our students how to teach English as a second or foreign language. We offer 12 excellent courses that were designed to fit the needs and goals of our prospective students. Many of our students have hectic schedules and need to learn on their own time and pace. For this reason, we offer self-paced courses, which allow you to learn at your own pace. For others who need a little more structure, we offer courses with one of our highly qualified ESL instructors where you will learn multiple skills step by step.
Our Teachers
How do we know that our teachers are the best? Each of our ESL teachers has at least a master’s degree and several years of educational experience teaching ESL. Many, if not all, have taught overseas. Our qualified leaders will help you not only be able to communicate with and teach your students but also how to handle situations while living abroad. The students that we instruct are prepared and make better teachers because of the advice that our experienced ESL instructors provide which is also, what makes our classes more dynamic rather than dry and mechanical.
Why We Teach
Our goal is to provide our students with the best education so that they mature into excellent ESL teachers. Our program is not simply designed to teach our students to teach grammar to foreign learners but rather to teach students how to use English effectively in their world. For this reason, we teach both English theory and applicable English such as English for Business professionals to target specific areas of where to use English and how to use it. Our program surpasses others due to the flexible learning schedule, our rate of placing students and the high degree of quality and standards that we hold our students to.



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